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Two Tor Books

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5 stars

Wolfsong is an amazing love story not only of two young boys but of found family and friendship. The author is masterful in making us experience emotions rather than turning us into an audience. That is what I love most about his writing. His unique characters sometimes defy our readers' comfort zone and challenge us to read something familiar but also out of the box. This looks like a long book, but I devoured it in a single day. Most of the paragraphs are one sentence, intimate like thoughts, and short paragraphs and chapters as well.

I could hear the voices of the characters in my mind. I laughed out loud and I was also caught weeping. This fantasy series brought back the joy of the teen romance books I enjoyed and satisfied the Team Jacob part of me. These wolves will become your pack as well. For fans who love urban fantasy with magic but also teen drama (in a good sense). There are a lot of hurt feelings to be untangled and healed, repetitions are like healing traumas to be reconstructed and overcome.  

The humor is focused on the main character's thoughts and opinions towards and reacting to others, but also in their dialogue. I'm still giggling about the proposal scene and I am feeling their songs and hearing their howls from losses. 

The end of volume one took me back to the memories of reading Yaoi and manga which I love. If you only focus on the fact that this is a queer Twilight-ish (which the author calls out and parodies about it several times in his novel)... with an age-gap romance, then you'll miss the point of the novel. There is no abuse or crossing the line. The love between the young boys is a bond that will only become something more when the time is right, when they are more than of age, after experiencing the world and life. I miss this kind of honesty in books and people. If you love, you love. 

Ox, the teen who runs with wolves. The man who will surprise them all.

Thank you so much publisher for this copy, my review is voluntary. 

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ROBOT main character? Yes, please. Do you like nonhuman characters?

Publisher: @tordotcom

Release Day: June 4th



Robot main character in a future society? Yes, please... I mean. Affirmative!

In the first chapters, Valet Charles murders his Master. He still hopes he can eat his funeral meal and recover but he doesn't seem to show much appetite so Charles ends up leaving the House as Uncharles on an epic journey that highly escalates with existentialism, finding purpose, understanding what happened to humanity, and redefining personalities with satire and humor. If you are like me and love the Murderbot series and Redshirts, this is a great (sometimes slow) read. The audiobook must be excellent, and I will reread this listening to The Wonk (Uncharles companion on this amazing journey) and Uncharles. Best two characters.

Thank you publisher for this arc.

Pre-order here.

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