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Tryouts Graphic Novel

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The artwork of this one pulled me immediately into a comfortable urban scenario with confident and bold lines, characters, and colors.

All shows very well and it's easy to read. I love all the characters, not just the main one, Al who wants to follow her passion to play baseball but the school's team is usually just for males. Viv with her obsession to know all about the mystery mascot is a fabulous character with amazing moments of compassion, and Milo with his amazing skills and passion for creating quilts.

As the author mentions in her note, this is not just trying out for baseball, many characters are experimenting with things, from small to impacting their lives or community. Being active for the sake of a better community, for change and to do what is right. It was very uplifting. The drawings of the baseball game were well done and exciting as well.

My favorite page is the double page almost at the end and I love that we get insights from the players of their current emotions or expectations. Very cool not only for baseball fans but as a celebration of friendship.

I read this one as a standalone.

Thank you NetGalley and publisher for this arc.

@tbrbeyondtours & @sarahsaxart 

Book Info:

Tryouts by Sarah Sax

Genre: Middle Grade Graphic Novel

Publishing Date: May 7, 2024



It’s warm up time in this newest installment in the Brinkley Yearbook series. Will Alexandra make the cut and help the historically boys baseball team defend their 9-year championship title?

Alexandra, also known as Al, has been playing baseball with her older brothers for as long as she can remember. But when she ages out of Little League, it seems like it’s the end of the road for Al and the sport she loves. Until, that is, her friend Sammy suggests that Al try out for the middle school team—a team that has always been boys-only.

Al is prepared to fight for her right to try out, but to her surprise, the coach is delighted by her interest. When Al makes the team, it seems like everything is going to work out. But with a tenth consecutive championship on the line for Brinkley Middle School and a team that can’t seem to get along, will their season ground out faster than Al can say “home run”?


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About the Author:

Sarah cares deeply about encouraging young readers to discover and expand their sense of creative confidence. She studied Storytelling and Sequential Imagery at Hampshire College and she’s since worked as an educator at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco, a volunteer with 826 Valencia, and as Creative Director at Lumosity, where she led a team of artists working with scientists and game designers to transform problem-solving and memory skills into brain-training games. She is the illustrator of the first three books (Escape This Book: Titanic; Escape this Book: Tombs of Egypt; and Escape This Book: Race to the Moon) in the inventive, interactive Escape This Book! series, which has been translated into eight languages. Tryouts, her second of four graphic novels in the Brinkley Yearbooks series, will be published in the spring of 2024. She lives in Portland, Maine.


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