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Tor Books- Ghost Station - Sci-fi/ Horror

Pub Date 09 Apr 2024

Tor Publishing Group, Tor Nightfire

My review

5 Stars

I love the writing style of this author a lot I feel we are always very close the the main character. An auto-buy since I've read Dead Silence (and I still have strong visual memories of my favorite scenes). The same goes for this one. After a couple of days, you start focusing on some scenes and you want to discuss them with someone who loved the book as well. It stays with us as the time passes.

I wasn't as afraid, reading this one, as I was with the ghosts of the first. This one has a different level of creepiness and slow physiological thriller that works well as everything gets worse and worse. I love Ethan and his crew (my favorite books are always about a team, group, or crew trying to survive) and the main character is great. Her job is to evaluate and help the crew when it comes to mental health but she carries as much baggage and "ghosts" as the others and to survive she must face her demons. It felt shorter than the foremost book, more focused and direct and I couldn't put it down.

The end was satisfying.

Thank you, Netgalley and publisher for the e-arc.

S. A Barnes is the author of Dead Silence. Also my one of my favorites.

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