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The Winner Takes it All

Hi! To Celebrate Summer, 2 Years of Bookstagram reviewing books, and to celebrate friends, I am hosting a Giveaway where the Winner takes home 6 paperbacks.

The giveaway will be posted on Wednesday, June 5th, and will last for a week. You can participate by commenting on the BLOG post of that day or my Instagram post.


Some of us have Instagram accounts for our books others don’t (like me).

Please support the next authors speaking about the books to others, and sharing (don't need to prove it to us, just talk about them if you remember to your friends and loved ones. Or get a copy and review on Amazon

Although Local Stores are amazing, many don’t carry our books. But Amazon makes our dream possible selling our books around the world. Many of us invested a lot of time, money and effort to be established on Amazon, so please support us with a review there.

Let's meet the authors who will be participating in the SUMMER Giveaway (there will be another in AUTUMN)

I will be donating to this giveaway one copy of my next release: Graphic Novel

James West will donate one copy of his first volume of the completed series The Guardians of Light, an Urban Mystery/ Fantasy/ Superpowers/ Secret Society /Middle Grade Book 1

Jacob Falling will donate one paperback (omnibus edition) Heir of Scars

Nick will donate volume one of his series.

V. S. Lawrance will donate her debut paperback

Caron Pescatore will donate the first volume of the Kid's Court Series.

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