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The Third Daughter

My review

4 stars

A good relaxing fantasy, slow-burn novel. The story is easy to read, sometimes predictable, but it just makes it a very easy read. Perfect for fantasy readers who also want to try the genre, but also for those who read fantasy with world-building, magic systems, intrigue, politics, and religion racing for power with a hint of prophecies.

I loved the dynamic between two different girls from two different backgrounds, one poor, one royal connected by the same destiny.

I am looking forward to reading book 2.

I bought the audio and loved the narrator.

I will be reviewing the second volume in July.

From the publisher:

An "immersive and intense" (SLJ) fantasy about legacy, betrayal, sisterhood, and politicizing emotion in the quest for power—all while a slow-burn LGBTQ romance simmers.    

★ A "Read with Jenna" Summer Reading List Selection ★


For centuries, the citizens of Velle have waited for their New Maiden to return. The prophecy states she will appear as the third daughter of a third daughter. When the fabled child is finally born to Velle’s reigning queen all rejoice except for Elodie, the queen’s eldest child, who has lost her claim to the crown. The only way for Elodie to protect Velle is to retake the throne. To do so, she must debilitate the Third Daughter—her youngest sister, Brianne.

Desperate, Elodie purchases a sleeping potion from Sabine, who sells sadness. But the apothecary mistakenly sends the princess away with a vial of tears instead of a harmless sleeping brew. Sabine’s sadness is dangerously powerful, and Brianne slips into a slumber from which she will not wake. With the fates of their families and country hanging in the balance, Sabine and Elodie hurry to revive the Third Daughter while a slow-burning attraction between the two girls erupts in full force.

The Third Daughter is a must-read for fans of:

  • BookTok Romantasy

  • ​Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard 

  • These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong

  • Slow Burn Romance / One Bed 

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