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The Taste of a Circle

5 Stars

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What a great idea to associate shapes with taste and food. I immediately went to our kitchen and noticed all the circles and spheres. The book explains simple shapes describing them and also tridimensional as well. It is a great way to have fun with shapes and food. Some are naturally shaped, and others can be made into shapes. Easy to read, short educational chapter.

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this e-arc.

From the publisher: North Star

While his grandmother makes burritos for dinner, Adrian works on homework for a lesson on shapes. At first, he does not have a fun time with it. Then his grandmother asks him a simple question: What does a circle taste like? Her question leads to a series of delicious discoveries as Adrian tastes all sorts of different shapes.

In Math All Around, narrative-driven stories introduce foundational math concepts to young readers in creative ways. Each title combines an interesting story with an important math concept from the Common Core curriculum, while simple language helps build readers’ confidence in reading.


Math All Around

32 pages, Paperback

Expected publication

August 1, 2024 by Jolly Fish Press ISBN

9781631638794 (ISBN10: 1631638793)



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