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The State of Being

My review

5 Stars

This is an auto-read/buy author for me. I love the creativity of mixing always unique situations with down-to-earth human emotions, life events, and environmental themes and also always showing us great character growth.

Michael speaks to a strange boy who claims to be from the future. Although he is concerned with the knowledge that this future boy may possess, he slowly starts to understand that the present is more relevant and that he must act now whether it is something personal, or related to his family, community, or planet.

He learns a great lesson to improve himself daily and takes responsibility for it. It is scary to think of the future of our planet even when it is presented wrapped in a fun story of a visit of a boy from a better future. It's up to us in "the past" to take action.

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Michael Rosario, a twelve-year-old Filipino boy living with his single mother, meets a mysterious boy from the future in this suspenseful novel by the award-winning and bestselling Erin Entrada Kelly. For fans of Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me.

👉A time-travel mystery! If you like sci-fi or not, you'll like this book -- many layers! 

👉 Erin Entrada Kelly is a Newbery Medal Winner 

👉 Y2K angle - fun for parents to revisit that time and young readers to get a glimpse into the past. 

👉Perfect for summer reading and book clubs ]

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