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The Great Texas Dragon Race

Happy Release Day

5+ Stars

My review:

A fun, energetic Texas great race filled with southern and country references and culture. Instead of horses, we are presented with dragons and characters full of grit who will keep us turning the page.

More than a race it's a fast pace adventure filled with trials and survival skills.

Cassidy, a thirteen-year-old confident dragon rider lives with her Pa and grandmother on a ranch that takes care of dragons with respect and love, but a major evil corporation wants to buy the property and enslave the dragons for profit. On top of that tragedy, something happens to her family that adds to the urgency. Cassidy must enter and win the race to use the prize to save them all. Can she?

I love that the race participants start as individuals with their purpose and slowly start to unify against a purpose that benefits all.

Great writing, energetic, and full of bravery. Many times we see the main character full of doubts in this type of middle-grade novel, it's not the case with Cassidy. She has a lot of fire and knows exactly what to do or sacrifice to get it. Awesome secondary characters as well.

It has what it takes to be turned into an exciting animation series.

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for the opportunity to give my honest opinion.

Buy From Amazon or B&N.

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