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The Great Catnapping Rescue

Will Release this July 30th.

By Atheneum Books for Young Readers

(I got a digital copy from Netgalley the image above is my collage)

My review


This is book 4, but it can be read as a standalone. Like the ones before, we have a hilarious adventure with plenty of animal characters. Perfect for fans of fast-paced action, adventure, and humor like this rescue mission - for fans of movies like Finding Dory. Makes a great relaxing and entertaining read for this summer. The white cat, the "star," and Walt get "catnapped," and their friends will do whatever they have to to save them. Plot twist, we discover "Whodunit"

Not only do we follow Butterbean and more character animals, but we also read Maddison's (the girl) point of view as well. I love Biscuit. He is so much fun, and the rats Marco and Polo are too. Butterbean is clever and efficient.

This collection makes reading a fun activity. I love the artist's drawing style with so much detail and expression. 

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher for this e-copy.

From the Publisher:

Book link


In this hilarious, high-stakes companion to The Great Pet Heist, The Great Ghost Hoax, and The Great Vandal Scandal, the pet friends take matters into their own paws—and tentacles—to rescue Walt and the white cat when they get catnapped.

The white cat, famous for being a spokes-cat for Beautiful Buffet Cat Food, is making a TV appearance at a supermarket opening, with Madison playing cat wrangler to the stars! The TV people want Walt, too, and everyone is excited for her to reach celebrity status—except Walt.

Unfortunately for the felines’ television debut, two cats loose in a supermarket is a recipe for disaster. Chaos erupts at the grand opening, and when the dust settles, the white cat and Walt are nowhere to be seen. They’ve been catnapped! The police are on the case, but their investigation isn’t moving fast enough to satisfy the cats’ worried friends. Desperate to get the snatched celebrities home safe and sound, Butterbean and the gang undertake a rescue mission of their own.

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