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The Girl who sang - Graphic Novel (Holocaust)


The Girl Who Sang: A Holocaust Memoir of Hope and Survival

My review

5 stars

A great team brought to live Enia Feld's (Estelle Nadel's) memoir. From her years of innocence in Poland, we see Enia with her family on a farm and she is only seven years old when Hitler's troops arrive. It's told through her eyes and the illustrator has done amazing work in portraying the horrors and cruelty of what happened to Enia's family and neighbors one by one. We go through the years and different chapters, and we learn the details and politics of this war, but we're still seeing through the eyes of Enia, and all the time that she waited in hiding before going to America with the survivors.

The hardship didn't end there, but she survived.

It's emotional, heartbreaking, and educational. Provides much to be explored and discussed at different levels.

With the same emotional strength as Grave of the Fireflies. For fans of Anne Frank's Diary and graphic novels such as Maus.

I appreciate the last pages where we can see some of the behind-the-scenes of the making of this graphic novel.

Thank you NetGalley and Publisher for this eARC.

Find it on Amazon or your local store.

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