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Terry Hayes returns 10 years later with...

📚Thank you, @simonandschuster for the copy of I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes.

Pages: 600+ 

Ages: Adult 

Genre: Political/Espionage Thriller


This one is hard to rank with stars sometimes I want to give it 8 out of 5 sometimes I quit reading and then can't stay away. Here is why:

I am Pilgrim is a suspense political/terrorism thriller that was first published in 2014. It reached more than 90.000 reviews on Amazon and more on Goodreads. 

It's a book we must digest slowly and not binge but at the same time it's hard to stop. 

Ten years later... Volume two will be released soon in February 2024.

Have you read this thriller before? 

Are you excited/curious about the next volume?

This author writes with such honesty that makes all very credible. 

It's the type of author who can go both ways: people may hate his writing because he is brave enough to write secondary narratives between two important moments that can take up too many pages and chapters... If the reader just wants to know who killed the girl from chapter one this is not the book for them. Or he becomes an author who writes with mastery for the same reason (adding a larger world and more complex characters). We are presented with so much detail realism and points of view that the sum of it all becomes the full story. This volume is like a season one of a TV show with a lot to take in... in one single book.

Feels like we're reading history rather than fiction. And when we think we know the horrors of a particular event he presents us with another point of view, a more crude and visceral of what humankind is capable of doing. An example is some scenes from 9/11 and another is memories from the Holocaust. The descriptions of how individuals reacted in their time to these horrors made it so personal.

At the same time, the main characters have almost a chosen kind of complex that makes the book adventurous and epic but also dark. The world is quite dark and violent. 

My favorite parts to read were secondary even tertiary characters. The mother who wants her daughters to grow free from the religious/male domination life and the man who was letting himself die in silence to wake up back to life because he read a book that gave him a new purpose. 

❓What is a genre that you try sometimes but it's not your main favorite? 


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