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Summer Vamp - Graphic Novel

Pub Date 14 May 2024

Random House Children's, Random House Graphic

My review

5 Plus plus

Aw. Holy Pony. I cry with the most random things. This is an amazing graphic novel, hilarious, and such an homage to friendship. I just laughed out loud and the last page made me tear up.

Almost 13 years old Maya loves cooking, following her favorite Yotuber's recipes but she doesn't have friends and she takes the news of having a stepmom badly so her father sends her to a Summer Camp (Cooking is the focus) there is a mistake and she ends in a Vampire Camp. So many hilarious scenes. I love the artwork, the expressions, and the story. This is one I will collect as a physical copy.

The Vampires are friendly and they have all sorts of regular activities just like a regular summer camp, including tag, mean girls, games, and teamwork, but what they don't have is cooking workshops. At first, Maya is trying to get away from this camp, but then she makes new friendships and learns to have fun. She even conquers her fears with a little help from her new friends. Made me want to join them!

Bumblebee For Life! ahah! I so wanted to eat Maya's crepes and they used them in a food fight! Oh NO!

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this e-arc.

Find it on Amazon, B&N, or your local store.

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