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September Book Mail Part 1

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

📚📮Bookmail with @andrewsmcmeelkids@andrewsmcmeel thank you so much.

Nothing lifts our spirit more than great fun wonderful art and storytelling.

Graphic Novels:

🔹️PARENTING is WEIRD: combines hilarious kitties and slice of life real situation parenting with never seen before artwork, character bios and comes with stickers.

By Chesca Hause @litterboxcomics

🔹️CAT NINJA: fun, adventurous, silly defearing supervillains. @matthewjcody and @supermercadocomics

🔹️SORCELINE book #2 Magical, fantasy and Dark Academia. Mystery. Powers. @sylvia_douye

🔹️TINY JOYS a wonderful journal that reminds us to see joy in tiny moments of our life with great ideas and tips. Everything made by Katie Vaz is cozy and feel-good vibe. @katiemarievaz

🔸️Mystical Forest TAROT card - Mystical Forest TAROT card is a primordial deck with beautiful vibrant artwork focused on nature, powerful plants, sacred animals, and timeless shamans.

It brings a small book and it is all protected by a box that opens like a drawer. I love this format. @wesgama

❓If you could get any book box subscription what would you like to be inside?


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