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School for Invisible Boys

My review

5 Plus Stars

This was a fantastic read. The author sets the themes very fast and we keep turning the page for answers. We explore: mother remarries and her eleven-year-old son Hector must deal with the changes of having a stepdad and two older brothers who don't get him as well as his mom. Hector asks his best friend to be his boyfriend and it couldn't have gone worse. Hector discovers that he can turn invisible (but also can be forgotten and erased from the world) and other invisible things are also waiting to be saved. But there is also a monster that hunts them. 

New friendships with Sam (awesome character), being bullied, apologizing, and learning to accept others as well. I couldn't put it down and the end just made it even better by opening new possibilities. I am looking forward to reading more of this series. 

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Book Info:

The School for Invisible Boys by Shaun David Hutchinson

Genre: Middle Grade LGBT Fantasy

Publishing Date: February 6, 2023


What would you do if no one could see you? In this surreal adventure, a boy who is used to being overlooked literally becomes invisible, only to realize there may be far more dangerous threats in his school than bullies.

Sixth grade takes a turn for the weird when Hector Griggs discovers he has the ability to turn invisible. Sure, ever since Hector’s former best friend Blake started bullying him, he’s been feeling like he just wants to disappear…but he never thought he actually would. And then, Hector meets another invisible boy, Orson Wellington, who has an ominous “I’m stuck here. Stuck like this. It’s been years. The gelim’s hunting me and it’ll get you, too.” It turns out, there is more than meets the eye at St. Lawrence’s Catholic School for Boys, and if Hector is going to save Orson–and himself—from the terrifying creature preying on students’ loneliness and fear, he’ll need to look deeper. With the help of a mysterious new classmate, Sam, can Hector unravel the mysteries haunting his school, and discover that sometimes it takes disappearing to really be seen?

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About the Author:

Shaun was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on the first of May 1978. He was a bad student who enjoyed sleeping through class, debate, theater, and being a pain in the ass. In college, he studied medieval and renaissance literature before abandoning his degree to work in I.T. doing database design. Shaun is now a full-time author living in Seattle.


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