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Ruptured a Novel in Verse - Review

Release date: November 14th,2023

My review: 5/5

This is a book about a parent who suffers an aneurysm and survives.

Spendlid emotional book in verse where the author draws from her life experience suffering two aneurysms to write the story of a thirteen-year-old only child that is dealing with so many anxious events.

First, all the sadness, anxiety, and frustration come from the evident upcoming divorce of her parents. Then, during her vacation with them in a hostile cold mood relationship between the adults, her mother suffers an aneurysm.

Told in the first person, Claire is an amazing thirteen-year-old girl, stressed but reliable, responsible, and considerate. Still, it's so interesting that the authors show that Claire hurts a friend by being absent and selfish when we think her friend is the one keeping the distance. Sometimes life overwhelms us and friendships can hurt for lack of communication. Still, Claire is a great person who knows when to apologize. Before the aneurysm, we feel the same towards the parents who aren't paying attention to their children, focused on their problems and stress.

Amazing read, I will be looking forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this e-ARC.

Buy a copy from Amazon or B&N. (I don't earn money from these links, I share because I support)

From the publisher:

The sensitive, suspenseful story of a family coping with a life-changing tragedy, told in stunning verse.

Is it wrong to grieve for someone who is still alive?

Claire’s mom and dad don’t talk to each other much anymore. And they definitely don’t laugh or dance the way they used to. Their tense, stilted stand offs leave thirteen-year-old Claire, an only child, caught in the middle. So when the family takes their annual summer vacation, Claire sticks her nose in a book and hopes for the best. Maybe the sunshine and ocean breeze will fix what’s gone wrong.

But while the family is away, Claire’s mother has a ruptured brain aneurysm—right after she reveals a huge secret to Claire. Though she survives the rupture, it seems like she is an entirely different person. Claire has no idea if her mom meant what she said, or if she even remembers saying it. With the weight of her mom’s confession on her shoulders, Claire must navigate fear, grief, and prospects for recovery.

Will her mom ever be the same? Will her parents stay together? And if the answer to either question is yes, how will Claire learn to live with what she knows? This beautifully written novel speaks to kids’ fears and credits their strength, and stems from the author’s incredible experience surviving two ruptured aneurysms.

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