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Rogue Sequence - SuperSoldier


#roguesequence for 80s fans I was so excited to read this one. Super soldier, yes, please.Rogue? Thriller vibes. I'm in. Has a great start. Read half of it in one go (had to sleep) but went back to it the next day. He has a grumpy, predisposition towards violence already (which in part made him accept to be augmented) but ending 7 years in Latin America as a gladiator for the worst kind of people has increased his level of impatience and violence. He accepts to hunt down an old colleague who sold him out. Is he on the right side fighting for the right thing? I love his partner, the fact that it is not a very far future. I am a gamer who grew up watching Jean Claude V D as a super soldier one of my 80s favorite movies. Also, I love thrillers in Michael Crichton style with a bit of tech and corporations, government, and hired guns. The author describes great action. I want to collect it as well as an audiobook.

👉Not a gifted copy. I found this arc in a #lfl , read it, and returned it.@torbooks #smpinfluencers #scifi #fantasy #actionadventure #thriller #bookstagram

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