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Review- Graphic Novel Ellie in First Position

(My blog is not affiliated with any business nor do I earn a commission for posting. This post is made from my passion for graphic novels)

New Release coming this OCTOBER 3rd, 2023. So excited for Ellie in First Position.

Slice-of-life Graphic Novel.

176 Pages

Age: 8-12

Grade: Gr3-6

Here are my thoughts:

5/5 Stars

This graphic novel is so endearing. First, I want first to point out that I love the art, it's perfect for the story, not only the characters' design but the usage of color in a very clever way.

There's a great balance between emotional scenes and humor, and the main character is not perfect: I love to see Ellie making mistakes only to redeem herself (and sometimes making the world better only with a little doodle).

Ellie just moved to a new town and school where they only care about sports and she tries hard to belong and to find her place among it all, but she discovered that dancing is what makes her alive. In this story it is not only the children who make mistakes, I like when we get a glimpse of the adults' struggles too. I love the design of the pages and how the author and the illustrator complement humor in a panel with amazing characters (and small extras like that pigeon ahaha). The cover is very simple and sweet, and the interior makes us smile with each page. There will be many readers who relate to Ellie, and older readers who will too (some will look back with nostalgia to those ballet lessons - that continued or not). p.s- It's a great graphic novel to learn from for those who want to one day create their own and learn from this example of a good rhythm of storytelling and panel building. Praizes to the author and illustrator that found creative ways to show the passage of time/seasons. I will definitely be on the lookout for this author and illustrator to collect future projects. Explores themes such as: moving to a new place with her Mom, dealing with parents who just got divorced, attending a new school, bullying, standing up for the things that are important, friendship, sports, ballet, innocent crush, humor, sailing through social relationships, learning to apologize, working hard for dreams.

Buy a copy at Amazon, B&N.

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