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Red Dead's History

5 stars

Ger audio here

Releases August 6th

As a super fan of the game and lover of History, I had to jump into this one without hesitation. Loved it. Learned a lot. The author/ History professor is American also a gamer and he played this series during COVID-19 he came up with a fun way to teach American History. He uses the game to initiate themes and explain the background of some events, missions, historical events, and History but you don't have to know about the game at all, this is a great History master class.

He also corrects and explains well the correct chronology of some events in the game and what some famous figures were doing and why, during those years (late 1800s). Did you know railroads had a big influence in establishing state time zones?

Has a great narrator. And combining the memory of some missions of the game makes it extra good.

Thank you librofm and publisher for the copy. This audiobook is great to listen during summer too while traveling or doing a nice Americana landscape puzzle. Just saying.

Qotd: What is a book that is game related theme you like. (Can be traditional, boardgame or other game)

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