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Persephone's Retelling - YA

HER DARK WINGS by Melinda Salisbury

My review:


This is an awesome retelling of Persephone's myth that gave me what it promised. It is modern but it does supernatural we actually meet the Gods and creatures instead of making them modern characters with cars and phones or being metaphors.

She actually goes to the underworld. The audiobook is fun to listen to with a great narrator and perfect Scottish accent. The death of Bree is eerie and makes us uncomfortable that Corey's hate is so raw and honest, but I relate to her a lot.

I also identify well with returning "home" and feeling like I don't belong anymore. It's a strange and empty feeling that the author caught perfectly. Persephone is my favorite myth and I usually don't like retellings but love this one.

I listened to the audiobook with

Author: Melinda Salisbury

Narrator: Sarah Barron

ISBN: 9780593746288

Length: 8 hours 48 minutes

Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group

Publication date: December 12, 2023

Edition: Unabridged

Genres: Fantasy & YA Fiction

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From the Publisher:

In this powerful, passionate reimagining of the Persephone myth for fans of Lore Olympus and Melissa Albert, two former best friends--split apart by betrayal--find themselves reunited in the Underworld. But will either one make it out, or will the darkness that's growing in each of them consume them whole?

For all of Corey’s life, it’s been Bree and Corey, Corey and Bree. Best friends, the girls are inseparable—until a devastating betrayal leaves Corey shattered and alone. Corey is sure nothing could hurt more, until Bree suddenly dies. Now Corey is heartbroken and furious. How can she mourn her one-time friend when she is still so angry at her?

Yet Corey and Bree’s tale is far from finished. When Corey accidentally catches a glimpse of Bree’s spirit passing into the afterlife, she finds herself face to face with a god pulled from the darkest myths of her girlhood: Hades, lord of the dead.

Turns out, the legends are real. But Hades is different from what Corey imagined—and so are the Furies, terrifying and beautiful creatures who encourage Corey to embrace her rage. The more Corey discovers about the Underworld, the more her own power stirs. But can she resist the lure of the darkness within?

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