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Percival Everett

"As I'm walking down I start to think that maybe I'm asking too much for anyone to listen to my problems. I mean, mayble people can't listen and understand if they're busy expecting things of me. This matter of expectations is really getting to me and I begin to have an identity crises of sorts."

After reading James I got a suprirse mail book from my mother-in-love who sent me one of Percival's books published in 1983. It's a short read, but filled with emotion and humor. Deep, and wonderfull. Thank you for the surprise. Devoured it in one go.

What I love about this author is the ability to give us awesome adult and children characters who make us laugh and also cry. I totally agree with that. He can infuse a lot of emotions in just one paragraph.

From James:

“Because we must let the whites be the ones who name the trouble.” “And why is that?” I asked. February said, “Because they need to know everything before us. Because they need to name everything.”

“I chose the word enemy, and still do, as oppressor necessarily supposes a victim.”

“Dey takes the lies dey want and throws away the truths dat scares ’em.”

“There was nothing scarier than human sounds.”

“At that moment the power of reading made itself clear and real to me.”

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