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Oddity - Underrated Awesome read

An underrated awesome story.

By Eli Brown , illustrated by @karin_rytter_studio

👉 Magic- Fantasy

👉 Very cool alternative 1800s America , the territory is controlled by France. Men wage war with the use of powerful magical Oddities instead of using it for good. Magic is power.

👉 Clover is just 13 years old and wants to know more about her mother's past, and why her father died for her but she is one of the bravest characters in a violent world of liars and opportunists. It's exciting to see her bravery and kindness.

👉 Love Clover, the Rooster, the Doll...

👉 We're on a journey with Clover and we can't stop reading rooting for her.

👉 Audiobook is also great. The narrator is awesome. I switched from paperback to audio when I had to work and do chores. Loved both versions, the book I'd illustrated as well.

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