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Next Stop - Graphic Novel (dealing with loss)

My review

5 stars

This one made me tear up for being so emotional. I love that although it's colorful, it is very serene, and some pages are just quiet. We can almost hear the silent desert and feel the heat. We understand that there's something sad in Pia's life. She will join a summer tour of unbelievable attractions like a giant watermelon, chicken hotel, and even a potato in the shape of an eggplant with other families, but she goes on her own. Her dad broke his leg so he can't go, and her mom is suffering from depression. At first, Pia isolates herself and she doesn't want to be herself.

We feel her sadness and guilt, and as she starts to open up a bit to the other people and finds new friendships we finally understand why she wants to visit the magic lake so much. It's a sad story but well-balanced with funny bits, great illustration, and a perfect ending with redemption, acceptance, growing up, and hope for the coming days. Losing a member of the family can leave deep wounds if not talked about or helped, and I am glad Pia found a way to move forward healthily.

I wish I could go on a tour with silly unique attractions like this and see a magical lake that would stay in my memory forever. Making memories with unique things related to nature is the best.

I always love to see the making off and read a bit more about the process at the end of the graphic novel with character design and other things explained.

Thank you, publisher and Netgalley for this e-arc.

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