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New Item for Polly Fans

I've been in the mood of organizing old drawings, artwork, and sketchbooks. Sometimes I forget that I've done so much and put so much effort. A little Marie Kondo my art kind of week, like my webcomic says.

Decided to clean and redraw all of these and turned them into coloring pages.

32 Illustrations from Polly's Doors are available to print on my Etsy shop (coloring book)

8.5 x 11 ( 2 pdf files) ( $5.00)

Print these in a watercolor paper for better results with wet media.

I colored mine with watercolor.

Polly and Paws are the main characters of my mystery adventure superheroes graphic novel.

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It is a great idea. ♥️ I need to check how I can get it print on thick paper.

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