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My favorite Release Today

Amazing release today.

👉Fun classic horror movie homage

👉Awesome kids/characters

👉Amazing fun horror adventure


I simply loved this novel.

I could visualize it perfectly as a classical horror movie presenting all the classical tropes and then making them all go wrong. Fun! It is the perfect read for fans of classic monster movies or for young readers who never saw one/read this type and may start to love them indeed. It is horror but not creepy, nightmarish gore stuff, instead a humorous zombie/alien kinda attack of squid-like creatures with pinkish slime.

Halle loves all the movies from her favorite horror director Maximus Price and one day she helps her mom by doing the regular delivery of the order of flowers to the mansion herself. There she meets twins, about her age, who never leave the house.

The entire staff of the house was overtaken by the strange creatures and at first, they think it is their birthday prank made with props but soon they have to run and hide for their lives. It's fun, and exciting and three kids bring a lot of different ideas and personalities to the story.

No annoying characters or slowing down chapters, great pacing, page-turner. The mansion becomes their adventure ground and soon they realize it's up to them to find the solution and grow up a little because they can't rely on any adults. Lots of action and fun tips. I love their dialogue the funny horror bits of the creatures hunting them and how their friendship brought so much positivity into all their lives. Loved it.

Thank you NetGalley and Publisher for this eARC.


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