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SALE & My Favorite Graphic Novels of 2023

I'm holding my own awards. This year was a great year for Middle Grade and YA graphic novels. Here are my top Three.

A big SALE at the bottom.

Punycorn is epic, as epic as it was the Battle of Helm's Deep.

Light Fall is an epic quest with epic coloring and art. Can't wait to pick up the next volumes.

Volume 2 is out too. This is an amazing friendship fantasy story.

Female empowerment. Ink Girls are journalists bringing forward corruption and male wrong doings. Amazing art.

Nonbinary Character can hear Sir Knights of the Dog Table speak and must save her own world.

Fabulous witch and magic story of two different witch cultures.

The others...

If you are interested in supporting my series😀. I am holding a big sale on this blog. (Sale ends January 31st)

Paypal for payments

(Just email me showing interest and telling me who to dedicate to and the same email for payment)

Shipping is free for USA

All Polly's for $65 instead of $100

All Notfrombrazil (4 books including the Never Give Up) $45 instead of $60

I have 3 Sally left

$15 instead of $20

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