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Middle Grades I don't see much around

📚 Books I don't see much on Instagram (randomly picked out of my shelves... only a few)

🔹️Julie abd the Wolfs

🔹️Orphans of the Tide


🔹️The Forget me not Summer

🔹️Ella Enchanted

🔹️Chrestomanci series

🔹️Arthur and the M. The forgotten City

🔹️Gathering Blue

🔹️Podkin One Ear series


🔹️The secret of platform 13

🔹️The wolves of Willoughby Chase

🔹️Nim's Island

🔹️Island of the Blue Dolphins


🔹️Ronia, The Robber's Daughter

🔹️Sahara Special

🔹️Ninth Ward

🔹️How to train your dragon series

🔹️Dragonson trilogy

🔹️A season Most Unfair

🔹️Guardians of G'ahoolle

🔹️Gregor the Overlander

🔹️Midnight for Charlie Bone

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