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Memory Lane

First movie you saw in the movie theatre?

Me: Ladyhawk.

My mom met with her friend Cristina and she had this idea... Let's go watch it. I was 5 so my mom was not convinced I should go see a fantasy movie or if I would behave.

This is what happened:

Mom: "Are you afraid?"

Me: "Shhh..." (Inner thoughts: You're running my Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer moment. That Mathew Broderick monk fellow is a good friend...)

So when I find myself writing characters and creating them, I get pulled back to those precious first experience memories.

(photo above me reading a Politics book in German... don't ask)

MEET TINNAN: My fantasy trilogy follows multiple pov (points of view). You've met Eilenar already (the main character) a carefree troublemaker from the outskirts of the city. Today I present to you a sketch of Tinnan and Jade.

Now... Tinnan Keristan is Eilenar's (Main Character) best friend. A young acolyte from a wealthy family.

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1 Yorum

Bilinmeyen üye
01 Haz 2022

Nice to learn more about your characters! :)

You were just contemplating the gorgeous German politicians 🤣

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