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Meet Arty and Penny Schneider

Thank you so much for reading this post!

I've discovered this author/illustrator. Check out her website here.

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Penny Schneider says:

"Arty is named after my dad. He even has his green eyes. Tough on the outside with a heart of gold. He was a 9th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon do, teaching hundreds of students in his career and helping even more with safety programs he created. I am a high school art teacher, this is my 31st year teaching!  But my childhood dream was to be a “girl Walt Disney’! So here I go! It’s never too late to live a dream. ARTY2 is already in the works! Have a fantastic day!"

Lonely and confused, Arty grapples with the idea of friendship and what that could mean for a warrior betta fish like himself.  He knows how he is "supposed" to be, but he dreams of having a friend.  Swim through the pond with Arty in his debut graphic novel as he discovers himself, finds friendship, adventure, and laughs.  

Comes out SEPTEMBER 10th, 2024

Graphic Novel with three fun short episodes. Adventurous, with great messages such as finding the right answers within ourselves, instead of searching out there. A fish that doesn't want to fight, but wants to have friends and makes a very fun unique friend with a sea slug.

This graphic novel is endearing and perfect for young readers who are starting to leave picture books behind, and for those who want to try graphic novels as well. It has large panels, easy-to-read and follow font and story, filled with fun art that is also colorful and vibrant.

Each episode has an interactive page where the reader can draw and add to the story.

At the end has funny bloopers extra pages and cool facts about better fish and sea slugs. We can visit the publisher's website for a free reader's guide as well.

We'll be looking forward to more Arty and Slug adventures.

P. s.- They play a game: "Salmon says" that made me giggle.

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