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May Audiobooks + Children's Books Audio with MacMillan and LibroFM

Updated: Jun 18

JUNE is Audiobook Awareness Month.

Check out the Adult Fantasy below. Thank you to the publisher for these free copies (children's books also gifted by LibroFm)

JOIN THIS MONTH use code SWITCH (click word switch) and get 2 audiobooks with the first subscription.

The boy ...

The boy who finds his voice using art, self-confidence, persistence, and loving parents. Mother says a beautiful mantra. Listened as an audiobook, great for card rides when the day doesn't go well, to inspire confidence. Art as a language.

Escargot - "A cute French snail sets off on a springtime adventure with an adorable bunny in this laugh-out-loud fourth audiobook in the bestselling Escargot series—the perfect gift for Easter or all year round."

4 stars

This is a fun series. Escargot tired of winter goes out to try to find spring in the snow. Silly, funny, French expressions. I've listened to the audiobook it's a great one to listen to in the classroom to take a break from a long task.

The Yellow Bus - "The Yellow Bus features sound design and special effects to enhance your listening enjoyment. Listen out for the sound of children getting on the bus and bleating goats.

From #1 New York Times bestselling and beloved creator Loren Long, The Yellow Bus is a tender and heartfelt ode to educators."

5 stars

The Yellow Bus is an emotional story of making a difference in someone's life, even if it's just for a brief moment or a small kindness. I've listened to the audiobook, but at the end the author explains the process of creating this story, inspiration and why he did the art this way. I want a physical copy as soon as possible. Sounds beautiful.

Waiting to Welcome." A New Baby Story from West Africa features music and special effects. Listen along and enjoy the fun!

Listeners are invited to a joyous cultural celebration full of delicious food, laughter, and love in Samantha Cleaver and Reuben Nantogmah’s charming audiobook."

5 stars

Welcoming a newborn baby into a community, family with food, and many references to African culture. I did not know they waited 7 days and respect if the baby wants to stay or leave. Naming happens on the 8th day. listening to the audiobook, perfect for classroom listening time.

Henna Is - "A picture book that serves young readers as a lyrical love letter to henna, written by Muslim Book Reviewer Award winner Marzieh Abbas and brilliantly illustrated by Anu Chouhan."

5 stars

Henna is... so many awesome definitions to explain what Henna is, more than I thought of, but in the end, it's a major one: Identity. Worth going through each page and take a moment to see what Henna description is connected too. A simple gesture of friendship, a birth celebration, nature, color... art...

I listened to the audiobook and loved it. Perfect for calming down time during class but also educational.

A Taste of Home - "In this colorful celebration of culture, community, and the food that binds us all together, follow a young boy on a culinary tour of New York City, perfect for fans of ALL ARE WELCOME and WHERE ARE YOU FROM?"

5 stars

Easy to read but with deep emotional and complex meaning. What is HOME for you? It means different things to each one of us, can be food, a place, a city,  a memory, or a feeling... teaches us culture and what changes home for us.

What Can a Mess Make -"In this adorable rhyming audiobook, two sisters spend their day playing at home and leaving joyful, cozy messes in their wake."

4. 5 I never thought of a mess as a possible thing, but this daily routine, slice-of-life story shows many examples: a mess can make a meal for two.

Green Sea Turtle- "Explore coral reefs to study green sea turtles in this beautiful nonfiction field guide for kids.

5 stars

This awesome field guide about Turtles teaches us much in an easy way, from facts to tools needed to study and observe. Good size to listen on the way to the ocean/beach. Did you know barnacles are parasites and bad for turtles and whales? Turtles need a good scatch from rocks to get them out. This book will inspire you to advocate for turtles, too. All species are in danger. Let's do something about all the plastic and ghost nets... & more. Listened to the audiobook perfect to listen in the car or during class.

Sinclair - "Sinclair, the Velociraptor Who Thought He Was a Chicken features music and special effects. Listen along and enjoy the fun!

4.5 Stars

love the cover. Sinclair is the perfect found family/adoption story of a velociraptor who thinks he's a chicken and protects his siblings from bullies. Listened as an audiobook, great to listen to in the car after a bad day in school. It's uplifting and fun. Good message.

InvestiGators: "This program is read by a full cast, including the author and Christopher Hastings, a coauthor of InvestiGators: Agents of S.U.I.T.S. It offers an immersive audio experience, fully sound designed to enhance your enjoyment. Listen out for the sounds of the Batter Down bakery, S.U.I.T. Headquarters, Crackerdile's Lair, and the Robotics Lab at the Science Factory!"

5 stars

Can't go wrong with investigators, In two episodes (cases) the characters know they are in an audiobook, making it funnier and perfect to listen to in a card ride. Laugh-out-loud fun. Puns, amazing characters. Cast of narrators.


Annie LeBlanc is Not Dead Yet by Molly Morris (loved this one - YA)

"Every ten years in the strange little town of Lennon, California, one person is chosen to return from the dead…

Wilson Moss entered the town’s top-secret contest in the hopes of resurrecting her ex-best friend Annie LeBlanc, but that doesn’t mean she thought she’d actually win. Now Annie’s back and Wil’s ecstatic—does it even really matter that Annie ghosted her a year before she died…?

A Macmillan Audio production from Wednesday Books."

The Stardust Grail by Yume Kitasei

"Save one world. Doom her own.

Maya Hoshimoto was once the best art thief in the galaxy. For ten years, she returned stolen artifacts to alien civilizations—until a disastrous job forced her into hiding. Now she just wants to enjoy a quiet life as a graduate student of anthropology, but she’s haunted by persistent and disturbing visions of the future."

The Spellshop by Sarah Beth Durst

"The Spellshop is Sarah Beth Durst’s romantasy debut–a lush cottagecore tale full of stolen spellbooks, unexpected friendships, sweet jams, and even sweeter love.

Join Kiela the librarian and her assistant, Caz the sentient spider plant, as they navigate the low stakes market of illegal spellmaking and the high risk business of starting over."

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