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Master Slave Husband Wife

5 stars

An amazing historical tool that can be used in the classroom or to understand better a specific period in history, also the suffering of human beings. It is well written and easy to follow and understand although there are plenty of jumps in the timeline between the narration of their escape and the past to better understand where they come from, what they have endured up to this point, and the locations and people that are part of their history. The POV changes a lot, sometimes may change to a character that describes the main ones through their perspective, so we get a global idea not only from Ellen and William's view. The author's research was thorough, not just about the couple, and I like that. There were elements that I already knew, but some were new to me, including these

A relevant slice of American history that will grab our attention with the same tension of literary historical fiction. Ejat makes it even deeper, emotional, sometimes hard-to-read moments it's that their suffering and will to live free was not fiction. It is a book that can be devoured and easily read but can also be enjoyed by taking time to reflect on the human condition.

Thank you, publisher, for the copy.

Qotd: how are you celebrating today ...or... a book that is not a recent release that you want to read

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