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Legend of the Five Rings New Book

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My review:

4.5 stars

Prolific fantasy author Marie Brennan adds another book to the series and world of The Legend of the Five Rings. I read my first one in 2000 (by another author) when the first volume was published and was in love with the world, the clans, the characters, and the mythology/supernatural elements ever since.

Perfect for fans of anime, historical shows, and Asian mythology including yokai, horror, and elements usually part of the famous Night Parade, but the approach is very light. Good for those who don't know much about Japanese mythology.

It's appropriate for younger readers. The relationships are very respectful and there is no gore or violence. It is more humorous and cozy.

Even if you never read the series, you can still enjoy each volume as a standalone because each book is an isolated episode and we get the characters well and their relationship. In this volume, the story starts around chapter seven that's when you stop feeling like you're catching up.

The authors are careful to give us an insight into previous books or adventures and that will just make you curious enough to want to collect the rest.

In this volume, Sekken (my favorite intellectual samurai/witch gay character of this series who sometimes has a temper... ) goes to a small town with his fiancé in search of Bakeneko Sayashi who has gone missing, she is not the only one missing and they find themselves again in a magical world where humans don't rule. There are other side quests as well.

These are easy to read, light, and cozy, like the trend nowadays, you'll enjoy them if you like light novels. It's always nostalgic to return to these so I don't mind, but if you are a hardcore fan of L5R you'll end up wanting more depth.

I love these covers.

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this e-ARC.

Buy from Amazon.

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