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Kate DiCamillo and More... -Great Releases for Kids

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Narrator: Mark Bramhall

Genre: Children

Length: 1h 31m

Illustrator: Chris Van Dusen

Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio (Candlewick Press)

Price: $8.40 Release Date: Dec 4th, 2023

Book 7 of 7: Tales from Deckawoo Drive (But can be read as standalone)

This was a fun mystery to solve when Mercy Watson, the much beloved the pig goes missing. The police and other authorities don't find it a mystery for them to solve. But Mercy is precious and our without-mysteries-investigator with a mustache, an office, and a license is their last hope. I blame the butter. Very fun! Percival Smidgely the investigator is hilarious with his pigeon.

Transparency: This post includes affiliate links and I will earn money if you click and buy using the bottom above

From the Publisher:

Every favorite character from Kate DiCamillo’s New York Times bestselling Mercy Watson books makes an appearance in this extended, riotously funny series crescendo.

When Mercy Watson the pig goes missing, all of Deckawoo Drive is in an uproar. The Watsons are inconsolable, and the local police, fire, and animal control departments are no help whatsoever. Bossy neighbor Eugenia Lincoln is not quite as sad as she might be, but thankfully her sister, Baby Lincoln, has the idea to hire a private investigator. Granted, Percival Smidgely, PI, may be more bumbler than gumshoe, but his pigeon, Polly, is there to point the way. Meanwhile, Frank and Stella Endicott and Stella’s friend Horace Broom are ready to do some investigating of their own. Will the clever neighborhood sleuths manage to follow the trail of hoofprints—and a certain overwhelmingly enticing scent—and recover their porcine wonder? With deftly paced narrative comedy and warm affection for her cast of characters, Kate DiCamillo brings us a highly satisfying, extra-special series finale that rewards loyal fans—and invites new listeners to explore the stories that came before.

Author: Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones

Narrator: Khristine Hvam

Genre: Children

Length: 43m

Publisher: Tantor Media, Inc

Price: $9.19

Release Date: December 4th, 2023

This was a fun Summer Camp short adventure, focused on Nessie the Lochness Monster. Not all children are into Summer Camp but this year there is something there worth protecting. Themes of Friendship, community, and doing the right thing. Fun to hear and short.

From the Publisher:

The new swimming instructor at Camp Lone Wolf, Nessie McFarland, is anything but normal. And when she's in her scuba gear, Nessie's skinny black body, long neck, and little head remind the kids of the great legend of Lock Ness. But Nessie can't really be a monster, could she?

Author: Charlotte Sullivan Wild

Narrator: Sarah Beth Pfeifer

Genre: Children's & LGBTQIA + Fiction

Length: 9m

Illustrator: Charlene Chua

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Price: $2.29

Release Date: January 9, 2024

Violet has a crush on Mira but not enough courage to confess but she shouldn't lose the opportunity others may be shy too and waiting for a signal. I loved the end. The audiobook is fun to listen to because it has so many extra sounds to help us visualize the illustrations and what is happening.

Transparency: This post includes affiliate links and I will earn money if you click and buy using the bottom above

From the Publisher:

This audiobook features sound design and special effects to enhance your enjoyment of Love Violet. Listen out for the sounds of arts and crafts and wonderful whimsical music.

Stonewall Book Award Winner

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Charlotte Huck Honor Book

Perfect for Valentine's Day, Love, Violet by Charlotte Sullivan Wild and Charlene Chua is a touching picture book about friendship and the courage it takes to share your feelings.

Only one person makes Violet’s heart skip

Of all the kids in Violet's class, only one leaves her speechless: Mira, the girl with the cheery laugh who races like the wind. If only they could adventure together! But every time Violet tries to tell Mira how she feels, Violet goes shy. As Valentine's Day approaches, Violet is determined to tell Mira just how special she is.

Charlene Chua’s luminous watercolors bring to life this sweet and gentle picture book about friendship, love, and the courage it takes to share your heart.

A Macmillan Audio production from Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Author: Nancy Krulik

Narrator: Shannon Condon

Genre: Children's

Length: 2 hours 33 minutes

Illustrator: John & Wendy

Publisher: Tantor Media, Inc

Price: $10.34

Release Date: December 12, 2023

A fun book and series that can be read/listened to as a standalone. Who is afraid of 4th Grade and all the changes ahead? Not Katie. Some changes are sad, but others are quite fun! I love a book where the teachers are fun and not villains.

From the Publisher:

At first, Katie and her friends can't wait to enter the fourth grade! But with the pressure of new classes, teachers, and friends, Katie isn't so sure she likes it after all. And to make matters worse, the magic wind appears twice—and turns her into her new friend Emma Weber, who has her hands full with three younger siblings to help take care of, and then into her former best friend Suzanne as she's about to make her fashion runway debut! What's a fourth-grader to do?

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