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It's -32 AH 🥶 January Newsletter

What is January?

Cold, Snow, and freezing!

The last time I stepped outside I got sick for 3 weeks, couldn't breathe, spent my birthday and Christmas in bed, so NOPE. This year I've booked my winter with so many books to review that I need to start the day earlier.

First I want to thank my friend James for the amazing support last year and for sending me an amazing Christmas gift. He is the one who made AION pop funko and he is working with wood and making awesome things. It's a Harry Potter Wooden Sign for The Three Broomsticks. I love a personalized, unique handmade gift more than anything. (I am glad to see you finished the M. Sullivan books. I loved that trilogy. I hope you have patience and time for my quartet when I'm done.)

He is also the author of two series. Check his work here.

Whisperers and Keppers books 3 and 4 are being written at the same time, 3 will have a cover soon and will come out this year. Here are the title reveals for the next books in this series (it was supposed to be a trilogy, but I couldn't reduce 6 books into 3. Sorry.)

News :

🔹I will have a 0.99 SALE for both Whisperers and Keepers books soon in February. thank you for the recent reviews and for buying the signed copies on Etsy and reviewing them on Amazon.

🔹Beyond the Cliff and Courage will be 0.99 on March 3rd.

🔹Both books are now FREE on KU. (click the word free to go to books)

For book recs I post daily on my blog videos and reviews included.

Fantasy, Scifi, Thrillers, Discoveries, Indie Authors, Graphic Novels, New Releases, Upcoming books, and more... (books for the kid, teens and their parents)

if you missed any posts check out my blog here.


Recent commission:

I'm having a sale because it's too cold.

This was a fun commission to do, I wonder if it's a St. Valentine's gift.

Andor fanart.

Also, I uploaded new Postcards art.

Etsy store. Thank you for the 159 sales and so many reviews to the store.

Ask me anything. Just answer to this email.

Please support us with reviews and reading/buying our books.

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