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Interactive Book - Environmental Awareness

Pub Date 30 Jan 2024

Random House Children's, Random House Books for Young Readers

My Review:

4 stars

Great concept and a fun way to make an adventure, because we are the fourth Hero and we decide what happens next (by turning to page X or Y ) we can advance the story of finding a quick dead end. This is volume two but we don't need to read volume one to quickly know what each character can do and to solve this crisis.

My first try ended fast but the book doesn't make it frustrating, it gives us second chances, and ways to keep going making those "ends" into tension/action/cliffhanger moments. It's fun to join the adventure to fight evil for the climate and save Earth.

Focused on respecting the environment and the problem of plastic ending up in the ocean.

Thank you, publisher and NetGalley for this e-ARC.

Buy on Amazon or B&N.

From the Publisher:

FOUR KIDS. ONE EARTH. AND YOU ARE THE HERO THEY NEED. From the creator of the interactive Escape This Book! series, join the climate superheroes as they master the powers of earth, wind, sea, and creatures and use YOUR help to choose the right story line and save the planet!

The Calamity Corporation is determined to destroy Earth. Their latest plot leaves “ugly”  animals in the cold—literally. Any less-than-cute critter will be frozen and blasted into space. Luckily, five climate heroes have the skills to save the day.

JARRETT can talk to animals…even if they don’t always listen.

MALIK masters water…but the floating garbage is a challenge.

FREYA ‘s wind power everyone away..sometimes too powerfully.

AGNES can dig up dirt and soil any evil plan.


Make three decisions in this interactive adventure to help the heroes put the Calamity Corporation on ice. Choose incorrectly and it's game over. But choose wisely, and you might save the planet—and the story!

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