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Hi Everyone.

This awesome graphic novel is perfect for myth and sci-fi lovers. With a Lovecraftian style cover (but far from being scary) great for all ages, from younger readers reluctant to read to comic fans.

Maze is a retelling of a Greek myth. The myth of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth but set in futuristic deep space. It plunges us into a galactic first-contact mission and adventure. Sima, the Master's Fleet son (who is in command of Arrow), and his most trustful adviser Lanard are about to land on a frozen moon, but not all is peaceful.

The people living here are slaves to the whims of a monster living under their thin ice... Like Theseus before, Sima decides to take matters into his hands and defeat the monster.

The characters are interesting and make me want to see more adventures and find new cultures. We already get that Sima has a strong personality and is used to doing as he pleases but with great results. I like the Queen very much. She is very brave and humble.

With awesome Star Trek vibes, this fast-paced episode has a great rhythm, and storytelling and the art is simple but always consistent. The design of the pages is well done and we always know which is the next panel and the right direction to follow. Great rhythm in the design of the pages and great use of the monochromatic as well for tension and excitement.

I appreciate that the author added notes on the original Greek myth letting us know the original story first for those who have never heard of such a tale.

Available on Apple and other links and soon on Amazon (Click on the GoodReads links for more stores and Amazon link)

Release day: August 30th

Author's blog.


For a chance at one of three free e-copies, prospective winners must visit my website: and answer the challenge question: If given the opportunity, what Sci-Fi world would you like to visit?

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