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Indie author Support - Aliyah Serin and the Box of Zenas

Next July 1st from Canadian author Lucy Anne Holland:

Aliyah Serin and the Box of Zenas

(Note my filter somehow changed the title of this book to yellow. The original cover has a red title.)

From the author:


Aliyah Serin is extraordinary. She was born with the unique ability to control two of the five elements—fire, water, earth, air, and aether—in a society where each individual is limited to only one. If that isn’t enough for the newspapers to gossip about, her parents were murdered and the killer was never found.

One day, a frightening incident causes Aliyah to be sent to Petrovis School for Young Elementalists. Her Uncle Leo hopes that she will be kept safe and out of trouble at Petrovis, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. Aliyah discovers a network of hidden passageways within the school that she believes are meant to protect the mysterious and powerful artifact known as the Box of Zenas. But she isn’t the only one who knows about the box. Someone else is after it, and with the help of her friends and the ghost of her great-great-great uncle, Aliyah must race to find the box before her opponent does. In the wrong hands, it could give someone the power to do terrible things, even spell the doom of the entire Elementalist society."

Buy this book from Amazon.

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