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Happy Release Day to....

Happy release day and I already ran to get my copy (of book two as well)

5/5 stars

First of all: Vanellope, YAY!

She is sassy and a no-time-for-drama-kinda gall, rather a solution seeker.

I love her character.

A fun short chapter book that is all about friendship and girl power.

Vanellope and her friends are mistakenly downloaded into a girl's tablet. This happens when she charges her tablet at the game center while her mother is in charge of the renovation of the place. Meaning... Vanellope and her friends won't be able to return soon to the game station. Immediately Vanellope finds a way to find positives in their situation, especially when they learn Molly loves cars and to race. She is building her go-kart and wants to join the boys' scouts in their race.

The conflict is focused on Molly's relationship with her best friend when Rio is mean to Molly for the first time. Instead of being put down, Molly sticks to her goals. Vanellope and the galls help her go through the race. I also love that kids should follow their interests and not be forced to do activities that are pre-assigned to a specific genre. Although it's short, there's a lot to discuss (actions and right or wrong, emotions, friendship, reacting to bad friends...)'s awesome for family time read aloud, as well as practicing reading skills because the dialogue is well written and fun. I was excited to see the work of Saoirse Lou as an illustrator (already know her art from other works). I love her style and the way she presents the characters.


Published by Disney Hyperion

Author: Shari Simpson illustrated by Saoirse Lou

Relase date: June 27th 2023

Buy on Amazon or B&N


Buy on Amazon or B&N

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