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Happy Release Day

By Andi Watson

Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga | Middle Grade | Sci Fi & Fantasy

From the publisher:

Praised as "hilarious, whimsical epic adventure" by the creator of Hilo, a big-hearted diminutive unicorn and his friends battle to save their kingdom from a powerful (if bratty) ogre in this fast-paced and funny fantasy graphic novel. Carbuncle is a land of endless rainbows and sugar-sprinkled doughnuts—until the vile Sir Ogre unleashes his evil army on the happy kingdom. Who can stop his outsized appetite for destruction? Punycorn! Who? Punycorn. The smallest, clumsiest, and, yes, puniest of all the unicorns. Punycorn may not look like a hero, but aided by a fireless dragon, a feisty dung beetle, and a magic sword with a hidden secret, he might just be Carbuncle’s only hope! Readers will root for a motley group of misfits with hearts of gold in this fast-paced, hilarious graphic novel by multi-Eisner-nominated author and artist Andi Watson.

My review 10/5

Epic? Yes! Chosen heroes on a quest and journey to vanquish evil? Yes!

Punycorn is my new favorite graphic novel series that is completely fantasy focused, hilarious, whimsical, filled with good silliness and humor, quests, adventure, a battle, friendship, and kinship. It has the perfect size and pacing for this type of story, switching scenes from battle plans to our hero's path.

Dual PoV shows the two sides of this battle of good vs evil, but it's not that literal. The Dread Lords Ogres, brother and sister must prove themselves as the next heirs of evil, a bully Ogre, and a very clever sidekick sister who is not always rooting for evil. On the other side, the Chosen Ones are unicorns who are brave, amazing, and sparkling, unlike punycorn. Up to now, adventure came to him as imaginary tales while he dusted the castle, but now that the Chosen Ones left, it's up to punycorn to defend his home and fight the army. To do so, he goes on a journey set by the oracle and finds amazing companions (a dragon with allergies and elemental included) and even a talking sword with more plot twists.

By the multi-Eisner-nominated author and artist Andi Watson who is also the creator of Hilo.

The artwork is simply amazing, in a doodling style ( it means that there are pages filled with so many elements, landscapes, or characters, that it's just amazing to look at all details) The extra detail is simple and whimsical with great colors and does not tire. There is also attention to detail in the text with humorous remarks that add a lot of personality to the world, even to background characters. The double page of the battle is just stunning.

Fast-paced, with an ending, although there are elements that were left open promising us more adventure and fun.

I got this Arc via NetGalley and thank you to the publisher for making it available.

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