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Happy Pub Day - Bishop

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

This was fun! Fun!

Unlike previous novels, this author doesn't disrespect the previous work by diminishing the characters that were created before. It's modern, it will have LGBTQ representation, but also military leadership males and silly ones with humor just the way I like it to make it balance it all.

Two words for you: "SPACE BEAST" ahahah this character was so much fun.

I love a big cast, the audiobook has multiple narrators. We're given some nostalgic (reminiscent) scenes that aren't just copies of what was done before but put us in the same mind space as when we watched the original movies... and lots of action that we can still enjoy in the video games as well. I have many favorite characters, I'm always excited when the voice changes and we're in the head of another, they all have their personal goals and Bishop is just awesome.

The author is good at balancing the action scenes, but also the human vs human and human vs alien scenes. The audiobook was easy to listen to and fun. Looking forward to more from this author.

What do I like? (Star Trek: Data, the original Aliens, Avatar, military sci-fi, Star Wars: Badbatch, Game: Aliens Fireteam Elite)

Listened with Libro fm releases today Dec 12th, 2023, the book is already available.

Transparency: This post includes affiliate links and I will earn money if you click and buy using the bottom above

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