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Happy National Cartoonist Day

Happy National Cartoonist Day.

5 Facts about my experience:

👉 Do what makes you happy. If it's not making you happy, take a break. You come first. ( I'm still working on the book Proverbs Notfrombrazil It's just been a very slow process)

👉 Turn a negative thought into a positive one NOTFROMBAZIL is a webcomic slice of life where I illustrated little accidents in real life into super hilarious moments such as having to go to PARIS for 5 hours for an embassy interview. Or how to get motivated to paint again. Or my love for books (see link here for Bookish episode)

👉 Dedicated to my students who taught me so many life lessons, Sally and Big George will always be in my heart

👉 When the world says no, fight back. Fight for yourself, for your friends, and for what is right. POLLY And the Black Ink won't let our worlds turn grey.

👉 Thank you to those who still stayed with me after I deleted my art Instagram account. Thank you so much, @jameswestwritings and Also, two amazing creators and authors. And my always supporter my mother-in-love.

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