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Happy May... Billions of Cicadas Expected

This year (2024) in IL Chicago we'll have a rare emergence of insects called cicadapocalypse. 

Billions of cicadas will surface this spring: two different broods - one that appears every 13 years, and another every 17 years - will visit simultaneously. 

"The 13-year group, known as Brood XIX, or the Great Southern Brood, is the largest periodical cicada brood, stretching across the southeastern United States. The Northern Illinois Brood, or Brood XIII, emerges every 17 years."

They will sing and they will be clumsy and fly against me on my way to the beach ah! 

Books above: 

Picture book that explains well the cicada life cycle. @suefliess  @garethlucasart 

@shauncytan amazing author/illustrator of The Arrival. Cicada tells the story of an unappreciated worker who will bloom. 

Secrets of the Cicada Summer is a mglit mystery for Nancy Drew fans by @andreabeatyauthor 

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