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Hannukah - Audiobook

Release day: December 5th, 2023

My Review:


This is an amazing book for Hanukkah. It has five different stories, five episodes from the same family including The Chanukah Party, Making Latkes, Giant Menora at Town Hall, Snow Boarding, and Chanukah in the USA. The Silverman are a fun family. Each member of the family is hilarious, kind and joyful in their way. I love their dog Buffy and how naughty it is. From recipes to finding the Hannukkiah, including references to other special objects and food for the Jewish festivals, or a missing hat this audiobook is filled with family experiences, songs, and friendship. This audiobook is fun to hear because the narrator makes fun voices, there are also real sounds like climbing the stairs, the dog barking, or showing motion with wind... These make it fun. Also, the narrator sings. The trip to the USA and the Hannukah party were my favorite ones.

With @librofm

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