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Here you'll have access to some behind-the-scenes of their creative process and project development.

Our Authors are creating...

...fantasy novels and graphic novels.


These covers are not yet the final version. From author Vanessa Bettencourt: Notfrombrazil, a Lost Valley novel and a Whisperer

What to expect:

Notfrombrazil - A collection of the differences between English Proverbs and Portuguese. Release TBA

Whisperers and Keepers Volume I - The Silver Stone Challenge - I'm planning a trilogy. Epic Fantasy novel coming of age (includes violence) Release TBA

Lost Series Volume II - These books are standalone novels, and you don't have to read the first to read the next. They are independent. The next one will have Sylvanna as the main character. My goal was to write a Christmas book that everyone will want to reread during Christmas. For fans of Redwall and adventure action books featuring talking animals. Planned for Christmas time.

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