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Graphic Novel BunnyBirds

🐇🩷Graphic Novwl #bunnybirds Book Stop 🩷🐇

👉 Fun adventure

👉 Great traveling companions

👉 Acceptance of differences

👉 Epic Fantasy Journey

👉 Creative World

👉 Action & Adventure

👉 Personal Growth

From the publisher:

Princess Aster must leave home to discover why her people are disappearing—even if it means journeying over the rim of the world itself—in this animal fantasy graphic novel perfect for fans of blockbuster series like Warriors and Wings of Fire.

The Bunny who worries is heavy and slow. To fly with the flock, one must learn to let go.

Be content and with joy! Lay fears to the bunny who smiles suits the bunny flock best.

In Princess Aster’s world, Bunnybirds live in contented isolation, keeping themselves detached from the world in order to practice magic and receive prophetic visions. Nothing is ever wrong, and no one is ever angry. . . even as Aster’s people seem to be slowly disappearing. But when her father is next to go, her goal is as definite and unclouded as her she’s going to rescue him, no matter how.

To find her people, she must leave the royal Home Tree and travel to the Court of Dragons—and then across sea flats, through deserts, and over the rim of the world itself—to find out what’s happened, with only the exiled bunnybird thief Carlin and the lackadaisical centipede-dog Feet for company.

The further Aster travels from home, the more questions she Are the Bunnybirds truly as happy as they say? And if they aren’t, can she let go of age-old traditions in order to rescue her friends?

A sweet but sweeping graphic novel adventure, Bunnybirds offers readers a richly imagined animal world full of magic, danger, and excitement.

Thank you to @holidayhousebks for sending me a copy of the book.

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