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James West & his second fantasy series (after his The Guardians of Light ) Magus Veritus.

Teen with powerful magic joins an academy to learn how to control his powers and learn more about what is behind the terrible tragic event that starts his journey.

Eli is not alone, the novel has a great cast, and book 2 introduces more (Sarah is one of my fav).

👉 Magic Academy

👉 Mystery

👉 Family grimoires

👉 Uncovering secrets

James West has been writing since 96 and continues to work on his projects. D&D nerd and wood artisan in his spare time.

He loves well-done rpg elements, fantasy, mystery, character interactions, and development.

He had a lot of fun writing his characters who has a lot of inner conflict to unravel.

A long, long time ago, when he was a kid, three authors made him fall in love with reading:

Ridley Pearson, Margaret Haddix, and Eion Colfer. Fantasy, Mystery, and awesome characters & adventures.

(Art of James' characters by me)

His first series: friendship and chararacter growth with a pinch of super cool action and mystery.

James created his characters as pop figures as well. 🥰

Grab a copy and join us. Great series.

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