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Fun Eerie tale

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4.5 ⭐️

Oh, fun, awesome eerie super creepy story with a hint of Twilight Zone. I was a child who loved Hitchcock's movies as well, and I loved this audiobook. Short and dark, two siblings find a small town and ask them to save their dad, who is injured after a canoeing incident. The adults are super creepy but not as much as the giant scarecrow the size of a building that can control minds. It's a non-stop action, survival with a satisfying ending. I'm curious about the second volume. Love the covers, too.

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"She glanced over her shoulder. Had the scarecrow moved? It stood there, smile stitched on its face, but now it felt like a smirk."

Prepare to be scared silly in this creepy middle-grade novel! Twins seek medical help in a remote village after their father is in a canoeing accident...only to discover the scarecrow that stands watch in town may have a stronger hold over the residents than expected. Perfect for fans of R.L. Stine, Dan Poblocki, and Mary Downing Hahn.

Twins Oliver and Trisha love going on adventures with their dad. Canoeing and camping on the Champion River will be their best trip yet! But when they capsize in rapids, their father is knocked unconscious. Alone and without cell phone reception, their only choice is to continue down river for help.

Hours of paddling brings them to an old dock, and a narrow path leads them to a small village. The townspeople are kind and helpful, but strangely focused on the giant scarecrow in the village square. "He watches over us," the twins are told in whispers. "He keeps us safe."

An old woman warns the twins not to spend the night in the village. Not if they ever want to leave. But with the sun soon to set and their father not well enough to be moved, how can they escape? More importantly, can they survive?

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