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Framing Narrative

High Fantasy Framing Narrative


Just noticed this book is book 2 when I hit 30% and checked Amazon. So, decided to pause this one and listen to a copy of the book 1 audiobook. I already know I'll like it well enough to return to book 2.

The framing narrative works for me and I could have read volume 2 well enough without book 1 (was already into the characters), the author's style is consistent, but I love an origin story (the younger years) and I wanted the full experience of these two characters (Ari and Eloise) which in book 1 is "800 pages" of sassy flirting.

You love or you'll hate the framing narrative characteristics: usually very slow to make a point, showing more than telling many episodes of his life until the present. This series is perfect to help us slow down, reduce stress, listen or read outside enjoy a break, or let it keep us company while assembling a puzzle... just traveling into another world with magic and stories from a storyteller. For a fan of Mercedes Lackey such as the Obsidian trilogy like myself.

Thank you, publisher and NetGalley for e-arc

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