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Book one is done, formated and ready. This weekend I worked on the cover adding the hardest part: the blurb.

Tell me how I did. Give me your honest and brutal opinion:

Would you want to read it? Yes (why) No (why not?)

(you can use the contact form to give me an answer)

The truth: I'm rewriting 6 books (already written in Portuguese) into 3. The three piles on the table above the laptop are character arcs that I'm not including in this trilogy. Entire arcs and stories.

By rewriting this trilogy I've changed a lot of the original story. Some characters who that were alive before aren't anymore and some who died are alive. It happens.

Struggling with... coming up with a cover for book 3.

My webcomic updates every Friday with new fun episodes.

Note: The content of the books can't be found on

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