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Empire of the (Vampire & Damned)

Empire of the Damned ❤️ by @misterkristoff @stmartinspress #smpinfluencer (I bought both copies at @barnesandnoble special editions, and audiobooks, but got a few free sample chapters of book 2 from #netgalley)

A framing narrative, retelling the past events up to the present. Fun series.

If you loved the first, you'd like this one as well. I love the grumpiness of the characters always bickering at each other. It has an extra layer because his sister becomes a narrator as well. The structure is very close to the first. I loved the first more, but it was great to go back, and I wasn't ready to say goodbye to the characters and darkness of this world. Awesome illustrations.

It was really fun as an audiobook. I was happy to preorder it plus the audio, didn't disappoint. Thank you, author and narrators, for creating this series to keep me company.

Beautiful illustrations by Bon Orthwick

Map by Virginia Allyn

I bought the #barnesandnoble edition

❓️ Duologies or trilogies?

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