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Draw Down the Moon

A mystical school. A mysterious death. A magickal romance.

My review

5 stars

A crescendo of magic, emotions, plot twists, and magical powers in a visual and striking novel part of a duology that I couldn't put down.

It hits all the marks for me, chosen one, dark academy, powers, magic, trials, slow burn romance with (friends wanting to be more) betrayal... omg that emotional ending.

Wren has lived eighteen years without magic as a Mundane and gets moonstruck on her birthday but she doesn't quite understand what has happened to her only that she will be able to follow her best friends (who are Magickals)to a secret island/academia (de la Luna) and learn to develop her powers. There are four elements and four "houses": Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio). Each with specific powers or affinities, for example, an Aquarius can heal.

This dual POV novel follows Wren but also Lee. Told in the first person, present tense. They both lost beloved close family and their affection for each other is stronger than friendship. Although Lee must do all to win the trials, he is protective of Wren. Wren understands that something is very wrong with the trials and with the school especially when students start to die "accidentally". Wren investigates with all her bravery and with the help of loyal friends.

Wren is a great character who loves Bridgeton, Downton Abbey, and Beauty and the Beast. Approved.

I read my first P.C.Cast in 2007 with her House of the Night series which has already 12 volumes) this author knows her craft and this duology is modern, always on topic, diverse, and inclusive. Perfect for upper middle graders who are already into YA and YA readers. Light romance ( level: kissing).

Awesome cover.

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for this copy.

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